Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help needed....

The following is a email from a WCBA member on his hives. Please use the comment box below to leave any tips or suggestions.

I've just examined my three hives.
The first was dead. All the bees were on the bottom board, lower super had no honey left, upper super had plenty. Two frames had dead bees on uncapped comb.
The second had a good quantity of bees in the upper super - the lower was empty of honey. I reversed the supers and began feeding with 1:1 sugar

The third hive had a good quantity of bees in upper super. Reversed and fed.

Any ideas why one hive didn't have the collective sense to forage upward? There was no sign of disease or mold. Perhaps they had mites and just didn't make it through? ?

When should I start looking through the hive for a queen? Any suggestions?


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  1. It has been a long cold winter with the bees unable to leave the hive. This could be the reason for dead hive Where I have my hives it's to cold for sugar water yet If the other hives don't have honey you can take it from the dead hive if you shore there is no disease or use fondant. I'm going to put pollen patties on this week I wouldn't look around the hive to much if you kill the queen they won't be able to replace her


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