Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beekeeping Calendar of Management Practices: October

Here are some tips on Hive management according to Hive Tool:

* Place entrance reducers in the entrance.
* Check each colony for a laying queen.
* Treat with Terramycin every seven days until three treatments are completed to prevent diseases or use an extender patty.
*Leave one shallow super completely full of honey plus the honey in the brood chambers.
*Feed all colonies that do not have at least 40 pounds of honey stored. (A deep super or brood frame holds six pounds; a shallow super frame holds 2½ pounds.) A deep super completely filled will hold 60-80 pounds of honey. A shallow super completely filled will hold 25-30 pounds of honey.
*Feed a mixture of two parts of sugar to one part hot water.

picture is from our friend Donna Marie at "Honeybees-by-the-Sea" in beautiful Morehead City, NC.

Submit honey to PA Farm Show....

Dear Farm Show Exhibitor:

We are pleased to notify you that the Farm Show 2010 online registration program is available online at http://www.farmshow.state.pa.us/. Click here or on the words “Online Registration Now Available” located on the home page.

We are excited to have you participate at the 2010 show. Please check the entry deadlines for your particular interest. If you need any assistance regarding the program, read the notes on each screen or call the Livestock Office at 717-787-2905.


The Farm Show Livestock Office