Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warning: Africanized "killer" honey bees found in GA - and WTVM News Leader 9, Columbus, GA |

Warning: Africanized "killer" honey bees found in GA - and WTVM News Leader 9, Columbus, GA

Message from Ron Papa about bear damage....

Hi friends and fellow beekeepers,

Since this is the time of the year we experience pressure from the bear, I thought I would share some information I recently learned.

As beekeepers you are entitled to make a claim with the PA Game Commission for bear damage. It is my understanding that you can be compensated for equipment loss along with some value for your honey but not your bees. It is also my understanding that you can file your first claim without having an electric fence but subsequent claims at the same location require that you DO have a fence.

If you should incurr damage and wish to make a claim you must leave everything as it is and contact the game commission right away so that your local contact can come out and make a determination.

Your first step should be to contact the Dallas, PA office at 570-675-1143 or 570-675-1144. If you're not getting results through this contact you can call the Commission Biologist(Mark) at 814-625-3597.

Best of luck in your beekeeping endevours.


Ron Papa


Passing this along:

I have a four frame hand extractor, I think it is an old AI Root.... I don't use this extractor, I thought that maybe someone in the club would want it and I could use the $150 to put towards my honey house. Could you put the word out for me? I don't know if I can get to the next meeting or not, but Jim Mislevey said he would bring it up to the meeting, if he goes.

If not, anyone can contact me, and I'll bring it up or meet them somewhere.

Thanks Brad

Anyone can call my cell.. 570-878-9120


My apologies to the Wayne County Beekeepers Association and to the WCBEEKA blog followers, life just got really hectic and was not able to keep up with things for awhile. We will be back on track now and posting regularly.

Thanks for your patience.